Laura, Leila, Rob, Ljerka and Jeremy on Stella Point – 19,000ft

March 4, 2006 – Team Reaches the Summit

Today Wally called our office in North America and he was very excited to tell us that he was calling from the summit of Kilimanjaro, Uhuru Point at 19,340ft (5895m).  Due to a very poor connection on the satellite phone it is uncertain if all team members reached the summit, but we know for sure that some of them surely did.

The team climbs high on Kilimanjaro on their way to Stella PointI did receive a message from Wally reporting that the entire team, Jeremy, Rob, Darrell, Ljerka, Laura and Frank were all safely down from the summit and at Millennium Camp which is at 12,600ft (3840m).  They will spend the night at Millennium Camp before leaving the mountain tomorrow afternoon.  Tonight is Frank, Jeremy and Ljerka’s last night in Tanzania before they catch their evening flight back home tomorrow.  As for Rob, Laura and Darrell, they will continue their adventures while on safari with Berg Adventures.

As soon as we have confirmation of who reached the summit we will be happy to share with you stories of their summit day.

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