January 9, 2007 – A Beautiful Oasis

Masai warriors

This is Christina from the Nacos trip and we are at the Migration Camp in the Serengeti.  Before we left Ngorongoro we visited a Masai village where they live a simple life.  We saw their houses, clothes and their school.  We then went to Olduvai Gorge where the Leaky’s did a bunch of their work and it was pretty cool to see that too, to see where the footprints were in the ash.

We then came through the Serengeti gate and we saw quite a few lions and of course Zebra and Wildebeest.  The Wildebeest migration is going on right now over the gorgeous Serengeti plains.  We came across three cheetahs right next to the car, it was really amazing, they were so close.

The lounge at the Serengeti Migration CampWe made it up to Migration Camp where it is just this beautiful oasis in the middle of nowhere.  You wouldn’t believe it, four wheel drive roads for 2 to 3 hours and you think there is nothing out here and then you come across this beautiful lodge.  We are having a great time.  We went out this morning but the migration is in the south Serengeti right now so we didn’t see many animals today.

Tomorrow we leave for Zanzibar and maybe we’ll call before we leave tomorrow.  We will be in Zanzibar for a few days and then we come home.  So love to you all and we’ll see you soon.

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