December 31, 2006 – The Sun Comes Out!

Snow at Lava Tower Camp

Hello this is Christina Evanson, this is the Nacos family trip on the Lemosho Route.  We were at Lava Tower camp last night.  After John’s dispatch it rained quite a bit which then turned into snow which then turned into a blizzard.

Hi this is Lauren, I’m also with the Nacos group and I will continue on from what Christy said.  So after the blizzard we went around the Lava Tower and then we came down a big waterfall and it stopped snowing at one point but there was still a lot of rain.  It took about 2 hours to go down this waterfall and it made everybody’s legs really tired and shaky.  It was very rainy but beautiful and there were lots of other waterfalls to look at.

We then climbed back up the Baranco Wall.  That was really interesting, I think everyone started to feel the altitude at that point so we were going very slow.  It was fun to climb and scramble but with the rain it was cold.  About 8 hours from when we started we made it to camp.  The sun finally came out and it’s beautiful.  This is the first time we actually got to see the mountain.

We are above the cloud line, the mountain is beautiful and we are right under it.  The sun is out and it’s just gorgeous.  The guides say they have not seen the rain and snow like this in 5 years, it’s been rough but it will get better.

This is Angela, better known as ‘Mama’.  Just a quick note as I’m sure they told you everything.  We are pretty happy right now because we’ve seen the sun for the first time in 5 days.  The weather has been a big factor but we’ve managed and we will persevere.  Three more days to the top!

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