December 30, 2006 – Nacos Family's First Report from Kilimanjaro

The Nacos family at the entrance gate on Kilimanjaro

This is the Nacos trip Day 4 on Kilimanjaro and this is dispatch number one.  We are at 15,000 feet and everyone is doing well with no altitude difficulties.  We are now in the high alpine desert so there are not a lot of plants around here.

We have been eating a lot with all the good food and we will be camping in the snow tonight.  It has not stopped raining since we started back on Day 1.  Christina and Jeff send love to their kids.  Lauren is doing ok, she’s making it, Angela is making it and we are going very ‘pole, pole’ which means slow.  We’ve been climbing lots of rocks, going down into canyons.  The first couple of days were pretty muddy and we were hiking through the water and it was really intense.

The landscape is beautiful, we got to see the mountain for about an hour or so yesterday.  It’s been in the clouds pretty much.  We are all having a good time, Chuck and Angela are doing well.  Chuck has been on his satellite phone to work, so he’s been working.  We miss everybody at home and we’ll send a dispatch tomorrow.

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