May 14, 2006 - Return to the Land of the "Glacier Melt"

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Total Success:  the entire team at Everest Base Camp

It is the 14th of May and we awoke this morning in our lodge in Gorak Shep to find a very blustery, cloudy day in the Himalayas, the weather is changing and it is not looking very good up high.

I know our team is very comfortable down in Gorak Shep, enjoying the accomplishments of our trip to the top of Kala Patar, as well as to Everest base camp.

And enjoying eating, I don’t want to kid you, this morning for breakfast we had hash browns, melted cheese on English muffins and fried eggs. Last night we had wonderful buffalo kebabs, pizza, and mixed vegetable as well as a salad. But I’ve got to tell you, as we head down valley there is one topic that is on everyone’s list right now, and that is “glacier melt”.  Leila and her years of trekking expedition life over here may be largely responsible for the Khumbu glacier melt; which is a Snickers bar or Mars bar fried in butter, believe it or not.

Later that day…

Listen to Audio of Wally's Call (.wav)

We made it down to Pangboche, and the entire crew is up in the Sky Lounge at Ang Temba and Yanzing’s Highland Sherpa Resort at 12,500 ft.; we are down in lower elevation now.

 Everybody’s talking about it being Mother’s Day back in Canada and the United States. I can see the guys working on getting a hot shower going right now and it looks like Jackie is going to be the first in line for that.

We are loving life here at Pangboche, on Mother’s Day from Nepal, we send the  best wishes to everybody  and we are going to have great fun trekking down the valley and we will continue to keep  you posted.  So long for now.

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