May 13, 2006 - We all made it to Base Camp!

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It is about 4pm on May13th and I am calling you from Gorak Shep and I am very proud to tell you that the entire Berg Adventures Everest Base camp trek team was at Everest base camp today, now we are quite tired but we’ve all returned safely to Gorak shep.

What a day it was, we walked in Everest base camp in a snow storm, we can’t believe how lucky we are to have been in Kala Patar yesterday in that clear weather, and walk into base camp today in a snow.

It is difficult walking up the glacial terrain, the uneven terrain all the way to base camp, but this entire team did really well. When we arrived at around 11am, we began to see more friends than I can list here; it was quite a busy time, just a couple of notes are that Peter and Kevin, who are working on a story about the ice fall doctor, a long overdue story, with photography and writing about the ice fall doctors, welcomed us into their camp and there was Ang Nima, the head icefall doctor, and the rest of the crew that you know so well from our previous Berg Adventures trip to Everest.

It was good to see all the guys and tell them that we will be back together on august as we go to work on the icefall again. I noticed that most of the icefall doctors were still wearing Berg Adventures hats; I have a feeling that they got them out when they heard we were walking into camp, rather than having worn them the entire time since we last saw, but there was a warm welcome there and we enjoyed it.

Later we visited Will Cross and Apa, the 15 times Everest summitter, and I was really happy I remembered deliver a Berg adventures hat to Will, that Shelley had reminded me back in Alberta, that Will was still waiting for at base camp, I got him the last one and he seemed happy to have it.  

We saw many other friends, walked back down the glacier and one of the greatest sights I have seen on this whole trip was Doc and Doug, walking back into Gorak Shep, arm and arm, at the end of a long day, but very proud to have made it all the way to Everest base camp, as the entire team did.

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