May 6 – The International Scene in Namche Bazaar

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Members from international expeditions all over the placeIt is Friday May 6th and we are reporting from Namche Bazaar. Namche as usual is a bustling, busy place, a lot of building and construction going on, new sherpa lodges and hotels are going up and we are visiting with a lot of our old sherpa friends from many, many years of expeditions and trekking in this area; it is great to be back home in Namche Bazaar.

You see a lot of trekkers and expeditions - people from Russia, Germany, Japan, and Canada around town checking out the shops of course, talking on satellite phones; this is a busy and a commercial place.

Katherine inside the khumbu lodge surfing on the Internet with Pemba’s laptopOur group got up very early this morning and found mist and rain again so rather than going up for views of the High Hymals we went down into the Internet café; the same one we have been using for years. It was great for Shelley to finally go to the Khumbu lodge and see the Khumbu lodge internet facility. They have been sending messages and jpgs back to Shelley at Berg Adventures for a long, long time and they were delighted to meet her. Our whole crew went in and took all of the computers at first but Katherine wasn’t quite quick enough to get one of those computers so they invited her inside the lodge to use Pemba’s, the owner’s personal laptop. So everyone was on line at the same time, and of course several people went quickly to to check our own dispatches, and see how we look on the website.

Shelley is finally visiting the Khumbu lodge Internet PlaceApple strudels at the Everest bakery were probably the biggest hit in terms of things to eat today, we got our laundry done, and now in the afternoon we are getting ready to take some tea. As you know, tomorrow we will be going out  to a much quieter sherpa village, Thame, at the base of the Nangpa La (the pass), going on in Tibet and we will be up there and certainly will visit the monastery while we are there. We will be up early tomorrow to visit the Saturday market in Namche before we head to Thame. We will probably try to give you a report from there; everybody is doing great on Friday afternoon in Namche Bazaar.

Richard doing some shopping in Namche

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