The amazing airstrip at Lukla, elevation 9600'May 4 (Later)– Team Reports from Lukla

Listen to Audio of Wally's Call (.wav)

It is just past 4:30 in the afternoon and the entire Berg Adventures team, Brad, Mark, Wes and Dan, Katherine and Richard, Shelley and myself are all in Lukla. We were picked up at 5:30; the team was ready very promptly at the Yak and Yeti this morning. We went out to the airport and we were actually taken out to get on our Twin Otter and fly to Lukla before 7 am.

Our bags were loaded in the plane but they came and said one last check with the tower in Lukla indicated that the clouds were moving in and they decided to wait as it turned out more than 4 hours in the domestic terminal at Kathmandu waiting and seeing if we go. I wasn’t that confident, I actually thought that we would probably go back into Kathmandu and spend another day there before we flew to Lukla.

At around 11:30 they came and got us and told us to get in the plane; the pilot went way out over the plains and then swung back in on the Dudh Kosi River and shot straight up to Lukla, we didn’t see many mountains until just before we landed on that spectacular air strip.

We stepped off the twin otter into a drizzling rain, now we've been around awhile greeted by our staff of course, our entire sherpa staff was waiting for us. We had hot tea and lunch. The team went out on the streets of Lukla since it is raining, with brightly color waterproof pack covers and big bright umbrellas. Shelley and I both had small umbrellas, but we decided to spring for some big bright, large ones that fits all over our pack as well as our heads.   

Now we are going to start trekking down to Phakding, it is great to be stretching our legs, it is great to be out in the Khumbu and underway. Our team is doing great; we will continue reporting to you and probably the next call will come after we arrive in Namche sometime tomorrow afternoon.

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