June 28-29, 2007 – Summit of Sajama


Making our approach to high camp and reaching the summit of the highest peak in Bolivia, Sajama.

JackOur team has been on the approach march to Sajama high camp. We are doing quite well and moving methodically. We have about 1 000 feet left to go before we reach high camp. We are at 4 900 meters or just over 16 000 feet right now. Our high camp is just a little higher than what we summitted in Pequeno Alpamayo, and we need that high camp to put us into a great position for the summit of Sajama tomorrow.

So far today we have had just wonderful weather. We woke up to some cold temperatures before the sun hit our camp. It wasn’t until around 10:00 when the sun hit our camp and warmed things up really quickly. And once that happened, everyone swung into action, we had a great breakfast and we packed. Our porters are now ahead of us and they are transferring the bulk of our gear toward the high camp. Our whole team will head up there and get a good rest before attempting the summit tomorrow.

Later on summit Day

IJamiet’s just after 1:00 here, Bolivia time, and I am talking with Jamie Robins and Jim Sibley who just made the summit of Sajama with Oswaldo. They had a difficult morning and they are quite tired, I’ve been talking to them on the radio. But they seemed to really find their pace and that was the key to their success along with their perseverance and motivation.

Again, by radio we have word that they are approaching the fixed rope section which puts them very close to high camp. There, they can re-fuel with soup and lots of water. It’s still quite bright now at 4:00 in the afternoon and after re-fuelling they will come on down to base camp and we will meet them along the trail and give them some treats, but it’s all downhill from there! Jack had a tougher day, right before we reached the fixed line, Jack faded out, but I am happy to report that Jack is safe and we are back in base camp catching some rest and anxiously awaiting our summit team.

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