June 27, 2007 – Setting Up at Sajama Base Camp

Jamie, the mountaineering monopoly champion


The team has entered a new phase in the expedition which is the last leg of the Berg Adventures Bolivia 2007 trip.  We made our way from Sajama village today in windless and warm weather.  But now the wind is blowing here at Sajama base camp.  We are just below the west face of this huge mountain.                    

Our camp is just being set up as we wait for the final mules to arrive with our gear and supplies.. [broken transmission]

…we saw wild llamas today which are a bit smaller than domesticated ones and very shy so it was a treat to see them.

[broken transmission – very windy]

So now we will finish unpacking and enjoy a good meal, perhaps play another game of mountain monopoly and challenge the reigning champion, Jamie.  Stay tuned as we begin our climb on Sajama in the coming days.

Wild llama

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