June 19, 2007 Acclimatizing on Isla del Sol

Approaching the village of Copacabana by boat

I’ll have you all know that Bolivia is definitely an underrated country.  We had yet another super day here in Bolivia.  Early this morning we took a boat for an hour and a half journey to Isla del Sol.  We approached the north side of the island, which is the opposite side from where we were at in Copacabana.  Our plan was to hike the length of the island and we had a super time doing that.  The whole team did really well, although right out of the boat it is quite a steep grade from the water and we were breathing quite heavily up that hill.

Today we spent about four and a half hours hiking to our high point at 4000 meters (13,200 feet).  There we had our boxed lunch and worked on our acclimatization at the higher altitudes.

Later on in the day when we reached the southern shores of the island we were treated to a traditional atapi meal, which is always a hit with Berg Adventures climbers when we come down here.  It’s a steamed dish of potatoes, lima beans and corn with kernels that are about the size of a dime.  Our meal was rounded out with king fish and a local sardine-like fish.  We sat there on the shores of Lake Titicaca overlooking the wonderful blue water and off in the distance we could see Copacabana.

View of Lake Titicaca

We ended our trip on Isla del Sol with a visit to a couple of Inca ruins and then we took a much shorter boat ride, 30 minutes, back to Copacabana.  Now the guys, Jamie, Jack and Jim are bedding down for the night and getting ready for tomorrow.

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