June 18, 2007 BAI Bolivia Expedition Underway

John Freeman with his team leaving the hotel for the climb

Hi everybody this is John Freeman calling you from Copacabana, Bolivia where we are here now at 12,500ft or 3800m.  Our team is continuing to acclimatize quite well, it’s actually amazing to me how well these three guys are doing, Jamie, Jack and Jim.                                  

The prehistoric city of Tiwanaku We had a good day today.  We left La Paz early this morning and drove to Tiwanaku which is an archeological site that is continuing to be unearthed just north of La Paz.  Our cultural guide Juan Carlos was extremely informative and another sign of good health for everyone is that they were asking a lot of questions and keeping Juan Carlos quite busy.  We certainly learned a lot from him today.

After that we made our way for lunch on the shores of Lake Titicaca and ate trucha, which is the local trout.  Everyone enjoyed that very much.  We had a wonderful meal and the appetites are good and strong which is great to see.  Later on we made our way across the lake in a small boat and our van was ferried across. Once on the other shore we made our way along the winding roads and were exposed to wonderful views of the Cordillera Real.  We could see Illimani south of La Paz and we could actually make out the Condoriri, which will be home to us for 5 days later on in our trip.

Lake Titicaca and clear mountains views

For now we finished up our day after another wonderful dinner here in Bolivia.  I am standing here on the shores of Lake Titicaca with a crescent moon glistening off the water. It is a beautiful night and a great start to our expedition.

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