June 17 - Acclimatizing on Cerro Austria 17,500ft

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Hiking on Cerro AustriaGood evening, this is Dave Scott for Berg Adventures international and this is the dispatch for the 2004 Bolivia expedition June 17. Today we hiked up a peak called Cerro Austria at 17,500 ft (5333m). This was our last acclimatization hike, tomorrow we will review some climbing and glacier travel techniques until we are already to ascend the peak Pequeno Alpamayo the following day.

Everybody seems to be acclimatizing well and getting over some minor health problems. Karen is keeping warm at nights with Jack’s hat. Karen is a nurse practitioner at the Seattle Children’s Hospital and Jack is a little boy who has hyperplastic left heart syndrome and has had multiple heart surgeries at Children’s hospitals. His mom has knitted hats for Karen to take on her travels, one to keep and one to give away. This year Karen has her hat from her Russia trip from last year. She passes on thanks to Patty for the hat and she says hello to Jack. Jack’s zest for life is what is helping Karen on her quest for the summits in the mountains.

Good night from Condoriri Base Camp

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