June 14th - Great views of Condoriri

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KarenThis is David Scott, guide for Berg Adventures International with the dispatch for the 2004 Bolivia Expedition on June 16th. We left Lake Titicaca yesterday and drove to Tune where we started our hike into the Condoriri group, We arrived in the camp late in the day, at 15.000 feet.

All of us feeling the altitude a little bit; headaches seem a little bit better today. Today we hiked to 16,500 ft ; with great views of the Condoriri Group. When we got back Karen proudly washed her hair at 15,000ft!

All the Bolivian staff are great; food is good. Tomorrow we will hike up Cerro Austria which is a little over 17,500 for further acclimatization. That’s it for now.

Condoriri group

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