January 6, 2008 – The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Plaza Canada Camp

It is the 6th of January in the afternoon and I'm calling you from the same place I called  you from early yesterday afternoon. The Condor's Nest camp is about 5400 meters, that's about 17,700 feet above sea level. There's a difference though, tonight this is our camp.

We have established and occupied camp 2, the entire team carried up their heavy loads, with all their gear. It took about 4 hours only today from the Plaza camp. It feels good to be established this high on the mountain.

Now, on Christmas Day, Kate had a present that she opened, it was in her stocking from her brother. It came from the Berg Adventures Office, a special gift that would carry throughout her entire trip. She received a booking for a personal porter for her personal gear. As you probably know, all of Berg Adventures Aconcagua Teams have their group gear transported by porters and staff, but in the case John gave Kate a great present. We keep talking about it every time Kate picks up her little rucksack ‘It's a gift that keeps on giving’ day to day on our Aconcagua climb.

Sunset on Aconcagua

22,841 feet
6962 meters