January 5, 2008 – Carrying Out Our Strategy

Acclimatizing – Plaza camp

It's Saturday, the 5th of January and I'm calling you from Nido de Condores, or Condor's Nest Camp known as Camp 2 for our climbing team on Aconcagua. We're about 5400 meters, my altimeter reads 17,700 feet and if you're wondering what we're doing this high; don't worry, we just came up here today to make a store of supplies that we'll return to later and we will be going back down to 16,100 feet to sleep tonight.

The team all commented as they came up "wow, it feels like we're climbing at real altitude now" and certainly, I felt the same thing. Even up over 5000 meters we were breathing and walking very slowly. The strategy is that we will be doing this trip again, maybe as soon as tomorrow. We should be breathing easier each time. 

The entire team is healthy. We are very appreciative of the good weather and we'll keep reporting to you as we continue our acclimatization ascending up towards the summit of Aconcagua. 

Our next rest stop – Nido de Condores

22,841 feet
6962 meters