January 1, 2008 – Getting Acclimatized


I'm calling you from just in front of the Hyatt Hotel in Mendoza, Argentina. It's a beautiful summer day in Mendoza and our team is about to take off towards Aconcagua, for Berg Adventures first Aconcagua climb for this season. The team has come from three places, Catherine, John left New York; Nathan New Jersey; and Philip from France. Wally and Leila left wintertime Alberta and we have really crossed the seasons, having left from a North American winter and we are fully in the summer of South America.

Berg Adventures Bolivian staff are joining us on this trip, they did come from high altitude Bolivia... [lost transmission]. Yesterday we went to the provincial park headquarters to get permission for the group (lost transmission). We're going to be at a considerable elevation so the process is underway. Getting acclimatized as we prepare to climb to the highest point in South America.

Getting packed-up for our Aconcagua adventure

People live here! A local home.

22,841 feet
6962 meters