January 22, 2007 -  Settling in at High Camp

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Our view from high camp on Aconcagua

We made it to our next camp at 19,600 feet (5974m) above sea level, our high camp for the ascent of Aconcagua.  The group walked in line together at my pace, which most of you know is very slow and stayed together throughout the day and we arrived quite early.

It’s a bit windy by Aconcagua standards here today but we’ve seen it far, far worse.  So we got our tents up and by 2:00pm the team settled down to rest for the summit attempt tomorrow where we will be moving for 14 hours at least.  We don’t want to get up too early so we don’t get too cold as we climb.

Early on in the trip I told the team that before we go to bed make sure to get their water bottles filled with hot water, not only for drinking the next day but when you put the hot bottle in the sleeping bag it warms it up. Tonight I think everyone will remember to do this since it is cold here at high camp.

The team is going to be snug in their warm tents, drinking water, eating and resting in the hours from now until tomorrow morning.  We will call you, I hope from along the way and if we are lucky from the very summit of Aconcagua.  Wish us luck

22,841 feet
6962 meters

22,637 feet
6900 meters