January 22, 2007 -  High Winds on Aconcagua

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Nido de Condores camp in previous years with less snow

It’s the morning of the 22nd of January and I’m calling you from about 18,200 feet (5550m) at Nido de Condor or the Condor’s Nest Camp.  Yesterday the group moved together, very slowly but very efficiently up from Plaza de Canada camp and they looked very, very strong.

The night before they had been very concerned about high winds.  The winds kept them up all night as they slept in their North Face VE-25 tents or as they tried to sleep there.  The winds did not seem particularly strong by Aconcagua standards to me but I realized after talking to people the next morning.... [break in transmission]... so their tents would not blow away.

Now I’m looking at clear skies, even though it is very cold this morning and I’m looking up towards our next camp at 19,600 feet (5974m) and on towards the summit and I’m seeing signs of very high winds.  Not unusual for Aconcagua at all, I’m sure we’ll be fine, we brought the proper clothing and this crew is conditioned very well.

So we’ll have some breakfast here in a little bit, we’d love to see the sun come up but it’s still behind the high ridges of Aconcagua to our East.  We’ll be preparing for another slow but efficient climb up to Berlin camp.  We’ll report to you once we’ve arrived there and of course tomorrow on Tuesday is our proposed summit day.

22,841 feet
6962 meters

22,637 feet
6900 meters