Berg Adventures International
Northern Tanzania 11 Day Wildlife Safari

March 2006

Welcome to coverage of the Berg Adventures International Wildlife Safari Expedition. Over the next few days, Kerry and Corey will be bringing you coverage as they visit some of the wildest places on earth in search of exotic game sanctuaries.  We hope you will join us for this unforgettable adventure in northern Tanzania.

On Safari:

Kerry Leary
Corey Leary

Safari Guide:


Latest News and Daily Safari Dispatches:

March 11, 2006 – Grand Finale to an Incredible Adventure

March 8, 2006 – Exquisite Serengeti
March 4, 2006 – Experiencing the Masai Way of Life
March 3, 2006 – Having an Incredible Time on Safari
Marcy 1, 2006 – Kerry's First Call from Safari

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