Cami and Brittany Climb Kilimanjaro!

Welcome to a special Berg Adventures International Kilimanjaro Autumn 2004 cybercast. Over the next few days our climbers, Cami and Brittany, will be bringing you continuous coverage as they attempt to reach the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro with their BAI guide Nicholas Minja. We hope you'll join them on this adventure of discovery.

The Berg Adventures International
Kilimanjaro 2004 Expedition:


Cami Mattson
Brittany Bush


Nicholaus Minja

Latest News and Daily Dispatches:

Oct. 15 – Our Last Day in Tanzania

Oct. 14 – Some Incredible Days in the Serengeti

Oct. 11 – Our First Safari Day

Oct. 9 – More details from our summit day
Oct. 8 – We reached the summit!
Oct. 7 – Silliness at 13,000 ft.
Oct. 6 – We reach Karange Camp
Oct. 5 – Feeling the Altitude
Oct. 4 – Our First Report from Kilimanjaro

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