January 20 and 22, 2007 – Joe and Pat Finish their Safari

The entrance to the Serengeti Sopa Lodge

Hi this is Joe Poirier calling, it’s Saturday at about 5:00pm and we left Ngorongoro and are now at the Serengeti Sopa lodge.  We did a lot of traveling today.  We visited the Olduvai Gorge and had a nice visit there.  Everything is going well with Pat and I. 

Greetings everyone this is Pat calling you from the entrance to the Serengeti National Park on January 22nd.  We are on our way back to Arusha.  We’ve had quite an awesome adventure both here in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro.  We were up at 4:00 this morning to watch the sun rise which was awesome.  We did not see many animals today but there were plenty in the Ngorongoro Crater which was just awesome.

We’ve had a great time.  Papa Joe and I are doing well and after a great breakfast this morning… [lost transmission]

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