January 19, 2007 – The Group Visits Ngorongoro Crater

Looking into the Ngorongoro Crater

Hi, this is David, and I just finished my tour of Ngorongoro crater.  It’s been absolutely amazing to see so many animals, lions, elephants and zebras.  I would like to thank Berg Adventures for their great trip.  I’m going to be leaving today but Pat and Joe will be continuing on. I’d also like to thank Dave for a great safari ride and all his knowledge.  I had a great time and I will see everyone back in the States.

Hi, this is Pat, and I just want to add that the Ngorongoro crater is one of the most beautiful places on this planet.  We saw a lot of animals and the landscape is absolutely stunning and I don’t think I’ll ever go to a place that can compare to this.  It was quite an experience driving up out of the crater in the 4-wheel drive vehicles, I held my breath on some parts but we made it up.

Hi, this is Joe.  I just want to say that we saw all the big five so far except for one, we are still looking for the leopard.  It’s been great, we saw many, many lions this morning and a few rhino.  Absolutely one of the prettiest places on earth.  Jambo!

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