One Team – One Mountain

Berg Adventures Everest Expedition 2006 Team:
Climbing Team

Wally Berg:

Wally Berg is one of the most respected guides in the mountaineering community. Having summited Everest four times, Wally is world renowned for his expertise, knowledge and accomplishments. With over 25 years of experience in this field, Wally dedicates himself to guiding on the seven continents, and building life-long personal and professional relationships within the cultures he works. A proven leader, Wally’s achievements in planning, organizing, and guiding successful mountaineering expeditions have established him as one of America’s foremost international guides. In the Himalaya, Wally has organized and guided more than 30 trips and expeditions over the past 20 years. His personal and professional relationship with the Sherpas and other people of Nepal is deep and significant. He is a well-known and respected person in the Khumbu, the homeland of the Sherpas and the valley that leads to Mount Everest. Wally is the Founding Director and Senior International Guide of Berg Adventures International.

 Dave Hahn:

Dave has become one of the most respected names in adventure in the worlds highest and coldest places. With 20 years experience, he is a consummate professional mountaineer, known for his quiet easygoing leadership style, which one of our climbers recently noted “makes him a perfect fit on the Berg Adventures Team.” Dave has made multiple ascents of both sides of Mt Everest, (three on the North Side, four on the South) and 15 ascents of Denali. His wry, literate internet accounts and his writing about the world of expedition mountaineering show humility, respect for the power of the mountain world and Dave’s own subtle brand of humor. Dave is a crafty, resourceful expedition leader who knows how to have fun, be safe, and get teams to the top and home again with great stories to tell.

Kit DesLauriers:

Kit is the reigning women’s world freeskiing champion, winning the title for two consecutive years. She was the first American woman to climb and ski from the summit of Denali, the first woman to ski the north side of Elbrus in Russia, the first woman to ski Mount Aspiring in New Zealand and the third woman to climb and ski the Grand Teton.  Most recently Kit has added a successful ascent and ski of Mount Vinson and Aconcagua. Kit is not only an accomplished ski mountaineer, she is also a stone mason with her own landscape design company. She also has an extensive search and rescue background; certified Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician, Professional Ski Patroller, Search and Rescue volunteer, Rescue 3 International low to high angle rope rescue instructor and Helicopter Rescue Technician.

Rob DesLauriers:

Rob has been known as an ‘extreme skier’ and has early connections with Warren Miller. In the 80’s Rob appeared in several of Warren’s films, afterwards starting his own production company. His goal this year will be to document and climb Everest with his partner Kit. Rob is also a hardworking businessman and is involved with real estate at Rob and Kit’s home in Teton Village, Wyoming.

Bryce Brown:

Bryce Brown is no stranger to the Khumbu region of Nepal. A medical doctor, Bryce has been a member of two Everest expeditions as an Expedition Doctor. This role has brought him to the base of Everest, but this year Bryce is aiming much higher. His role on the expedition will be as climber and he has every intention of going to the top!

Michael Boni:

Michael looks at himself as just a seven-summit mountain tourist! After climbing Kilimanjaro successfully less than three years ago, he has gone on to summit Elbrus, Aconcagua, Denali and Vinson. Michael joined Berg Adventures for the first time in June 2005 to climb in Bolivia and there the idea of going to Everest took hold. Trying to summit the highest mountain in the world will carry 'other' responsibilities for Michael. Michael's dream of climbing Everest has inspired the campaign entitled "Live Your Dream Granting Wishes" to raise money for the Make-A-Wish-Foundation, a charity that raises funds to provide wishes to children with life threatening illnesses. Currently about $6.90 for every foot that is successfully climbed on Everest, or potentially $200,000, has been raised in sponsorship for the Make-A-Wish Foundation by associates and employees of Investment Planning Council of Canada, with whom Michael is an Investment Advisor. The campaign's goal is to raise One Million dollars for the Make-A-Wish-Foundation! Visit their web site at

Jimmy Chin:

Few photographers will tackle Pakistan's precipitous K7 or head off route on Everest just to frame a shot. So when mountaineer Conrad Anker plans to put up a new route in the Himalayas or big mountain snowboarder Stephen Koch wants to carve the world's highest peak, they call the same guy: Jimmy Chin. Arguably the best expedition photographer working today, Chin, a 32-year-old Minnesota native, is himself a world-class athlete. He skis, climbs and treks to places that other shooters can't, yet despite his physical and professional prowess, the soft spoken lensman is easy to miss. He's busy charging ahead of his group that he rarely steps in front of the camera himself. Whether climbing and photographing on Mount Everest's treacherous North Face, following endangered antelope across the grueling Tibetan Plateau, or achieving first ascents of giant granite towers in Pakistan's Karakoram Mountains, Jimmy Chin is all about going to extremes. His passion for exploration and photography has taken him around the world on break-through expeditions. Using his unique blend of physical and technical skills, Jimmy and his camera find thei way into the places, conditions and moments few others can capture.

Leila Silveira – BAI Support Manager:

Leila has extensive experience in Nepal, is Berg Adventure's Program Director and is a veteran of many BAI expeditions.  She will work with Ang Temba Sherpa at Base Camp, send daily dispatches and lead our fall Everest Base Camp Trekking expeditions.

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