October 26, 2006 – BAI Everest Expedition Final Dispatch

The team at the congratulations sign at Yak and Yeti the day they arrived from Lukla

This is Leila Silveira reporting from Kathmandu. Yesterday I woke up to another great sunny day which made me think that the team members would probably have no problem flying out of Lukla to Kathmandu.

At 7am I was rushed out of the Yak and Yeti in order to make it on time to the airport since I quickly learned that the entire team left at 7am from Lukla on the first flight out.  I got to the airport as they had all just picked up their bags and it was great to see them all. Bryce stayed in the Khumbu, which was his plan all along.

We always fondly remembered our "head butts" with Lama Geshi when he blessed usThe team had done a quick trip out from Base Camp, coming all the way in only three days.   One stop they did make time for on the way back of course was a visit with Lama Geshi.                 

Jim, Dave, Wally, Kit and Rob were all happy to be back and they looked great. Jimmy wanted to spend an extra day in Kathmandu in order to get himself better organized and do some last minute shopping.  Unfortunately his flight was scheduled for the 25th in the afternoon and Thai Airlines has been absolutely overbooked for the past week and since he was confirmed for that day we didn't think that it would have been wise for him to give up a confirmed seat. So, we were all sad to say good bye to him with no time for a last farewell dinner. He barely had time for a shower which I am sure he was looking forward to.

Last night we all went out for dinner and it was great to hear all their comments about the climb. It was wild to say the least. We went out to my favorite restaurant and then back to the hotel where they were all happy to rest since they were still on the mountain schedule, meaning, go to bed when the sun sets.

The team at their final meeting with Liz HawleyThis morning we had a meeting with Liz Hawley, who looked great and full of energy. The entire team spent almost 2 hours with her and a journalist from the German magazine, Der Spiegel. It was fun watching them catch up with the team and talk about all the details that Liz is so well known for. The exact time and date, where each camp was established, and who was where doing what.

We had to say a quick goodbye to Kit and Rob who left also on the Thai flight to Bangkok where they were planning on spending a few days unwinding before heading back home.

This is the final dispatch of our Everest expedition, if you would like to learn any more details, don't hesitate to contact out office.

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