October 17, 2006 (Oct. 18 Nepal Time) – Update from the South Summit

Wally Berg mans the communication tent

Here in the Communication tent at base camp it seems slow during the long hours after Dave and the climbing team started from the Col at 01:45.  The advance team did report to us they were moving above the balcony at 04:00 and that the snow seemed firmed or spring-like.  This was extremely good news, the less trail breaking today the better for our team on their summit push.  That section between the balcony and south summit can sometimes break a team's back with deep snow. 

Now at 06:00 the report just burst over the radio that the advance team was on the south summit.  They reported that they see the main climbing party advancing below toward the south summit.  They also report 'no' wind. Something tells me that in the heat of the work they are performing and in their excitement to get to the top our lead guys, Danuru, Pasang Tenzing,Pemba Dorjee and Dawa Tsering might be using the term 'no' wind in a relative sense.  But the point is that they are very optimistic and going up! 

Update from Wally Berg at Base Camp

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