October 8, 2006 – Happy Anniversary Kit and Rob

Kit is reunited with her mom Catharine at Base Camp

Yesterday the climbing team woke at Camp III.  A night spent at nearly 24,000 feet (7310m) on the Lhotse face is never a restful one.  Headaches, cold, restlessness always defines the long hours until the sun comes.  After a couple of exceptional days climbing and skiing on the Lhotse Face it was time for this team to put the tent hours in, everyone did fine, but is it a long night.

The team descended all the way to base camp from three and I was impressed with how well they looked as they came into B.C. in mid afternoon.

This morning as I was doing my early morning work in the communication tent, I saw Rob making drip coffee and preparing to leave the tent again.  He told me “I’m taking my wife coffee in bed for our 6th wedding anniversary.  Rob and Kit have always told me that they like to do something challenging to comemorate each of their wedding anniversaries.  This tradition began with an ascent of Castleton Tower in Utah – now they are on Mt. Everest.

Rob and Kit celebrate their 6th wedding anniversary today

And to make things even more special than coffee in bed from your husband, Kit had her mother Catherine along with the rest of our second Base Camp trekking group arrived today.  Throughout the afternoon and evening we have had a nice time visiting together.

Tonight’s dinner was especially nice.  The climbers – especially Kit – began to tell me a while back that they were missing some good meat in our Base Camp diet – specifically good steaks and bacon were desired.  It turns out there is a good German butcher in Kathmandu.  A mail runner with a large cooler arrived mid day today.  When the package was opened its content first viewed there was wild excitement from our carnivorous crew.

Now the steaks have been enjoyed and both teams – the trekkers and climbers are settling.  Ang Temba and I just stood in awe and watched a full moon rise over the Lho La.  We all hear the crashing of ice, rock and snow off the steep walls around Base Camp to remind us of the power and beauty of this place.

Kit and Jimmy more than a little excited about the meat arriving

Rob and Kit are celebrating their anniversary; each of us feels privileged to be with them in such an awesome place.  There are challenges ahead, and there is uncertainty, but the peace and power of these mountains stands before us and we know we are right where we want to be.

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