September 26, 2006 – Team Welcomes Clear Skies

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IArita, happy that the snow has finally stoppedt’s the evening of the 26th of September.  I’m standing at a high spot very near our base camp and I’m looking at nothing but white in every direction.  Of course, today did clear after 5 days of a lot of moisture and precipitation but the snow [broken transmission] is still quite thick.

No one went anywhere today, no Sherpas carried, no one climbed.  This is the day to wait for the avalanches to slide.  All day long we had a constant barrage of sounds coming from every direction, off Nupste, off Pumori, off the west shoulder of Everest (the Lo La) – a very active day.  So it was a safe day to stay put at base camp.

It was a day when the climbing members made a lot of satellite phone calls.  Michael Boni had a very special call to his wife Lauren to commemorate their 25th wedding anniversary.  He spoke for quite awhile with Lauren who is back in White Rock, BC.

I saw Jimmy [broken transmission] and it was a relaxing day at base camp in the sunshine even though we are still surrounded by snow.

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