September 17, 2006 – Our New Home – Camp 1

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It’s the 17th of September and I’m calling you from the Western Cwm.  I am at Camp 1, the team has moved in, we carried through the icefall.  Our Camp 1 is probably at 19,400 ft. (5913m), top of the icefall, base of the magnificent Western Cwm.  The first time I viewed this place 17 years ago I was awed that I could actually be here and I feel no less awed to be here today.  In some mountaineering literature, it’s called the ‘Valley of Silence’.

The team looks up at the broad, gently sloping valley between the west shoulder of Everest and the east face of Nupste and pass that the southwest face of Everest, straight up to the Lhotse face, which of course we will be climbing in due time and skiing in due time as some of the team members will be skiing.  It’s an awesome place.

I’m really proud of the team.  We have 4 VE-25 North Face tents set up here.  Jimmy and Dave in one, Rob and Kit in one, Michael and Bryce in one and myself and Danuru are sharing a tent as well.  The eight of us are really secure here in our camp, as I said awed and excited about the days to come.

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