September 7, 2006 – Powerful Thoughts

Dave Hahn’s remarkable resemblance to a young Sir Edmund Hillary

It’s the morning of September 7th and I’m calling you from Pheriche.  We have spent two nights here in Pheriche at 14,000 ft. (4267m), taking it very easy basically relaxing.  We are staying at the Himalayan Hotel with a family we’ve known for years, in fact we’ve used this place for years and it’s been a really comfortable place to hang out.  I mentioned that Dave and Sean are always playing scrabble but the rest of us find plenty of ways to pass our time.  Michael, Jimmy and Rob are often seen playing cards here in the nice, comfortable lounge at the Himalayan Hotel. 

Lama Geshi blesses the BAI 2006 Everest TeamThe other thing about that lounge is there is a portrait of a young Sir Edmund Hillary, one of our heroes, that has been hanging here for years and years and I was really struck as we all were when we arrived a couple of days ago at the striking resemblance between another of our heroes, Dave Hahn, 7 time Everest Summiter.  Kind of an uncanny resemblance it seems to me, two of my heroes looking quite a bit like each other.  We’ve enjoyed pondering that here at the Himalayan Hotel in Pheriche

Our thoughts of Lama Geshi are still fresh and powerful.  He spoke to us at length as I told you, he blessed us for the climb, he spoke about his life consulting people, giving advice, our life, climbing mountains.  He talked about the path the we had followed, he admired what we did, even envied us but we have our own path.  Our path of course is to try and reach the summit of Mount Everest. 

Michael, Rob and Jimmy pass the time by playing cards

The Lama Geshi left us with beautiful thoughts about kindness and good thoughts towards all beings and also the fact that the goodness that we should endeavor for every day comes from within, we have no one to blame and it’s no one’s fault and it’s no one’s business except for each individuals to be kind and do good for others every day.  Really powerful and right thoughts for this expedition as we continue.  Lama Geshi blessed us all, he gave us … [lost transmission]

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