August 30, 2006 – Berg Adventures 2006 Everest Expedition is Underway!

BAI’s 2006 Everest Team with Liz Hawley

It’s August 30th and this is the first dispatch for Berg Adventures 2006 Everest Expedition.  I’m happy to say that this dispatch is coming to you from Lukla.  At 7:10am today the team landed. That would myself, Wally Berg, Leila, Dave Hahn, Kit, Rob, Michael, Bryce and in this crew our special guest trekker Sean Moore.  Jimmy Chin is still back in the USA, but he will be on his way to join us in a day or two. 

IPermit issued by the Ministry of Tourismn Kathmandu the team enjoyed staying at the Yak and Yeti, everything has been going really well.  A couple of days ago I had a team briefing at the Ministry of Tourism which of course we’ve done for years doing these expeditions.  Interestingly this time though they pulled out the certificate or permit that gives permission for the team to go on Everest and a fellow was using ‘White Out’ before it was issued to me.  On every line that said ‘His Majesty’s Government’ was whited out and over that was written ‘Government of Nepal’…[broken transmission]

While in Kathmandu we met up with my old, dear friend Elizabeth Hawley.  I have spent a couple of long and enjoyable sessions with her since I arrived here in Nepal which was great, she’s as sharp as ever and very relaxed and happy to learn about new adventures like ours.  By the way the Ministry of Tourism told me that the permit they issued me was the first one from the new government, so it will be a special keepsake for this Berg Adventures 2006 Everest Expedition.

Sean, Dave, Kit, Rob and Michael at the Bodnath Temple

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