November 13, 2007 – On the Road Again

Team enjoying the views from Tengboche

Starting last night and continuing into this morning, we had a terrific time looking at the pictures that everyone has taken on this trip.  Leila has become a clearing house and gives us all an opportunity to comment on the photos that we have taken on this trip.  We had a great time talking and laughing about the different aspects of each other’s photos.  More than anything else, it was clear evidence of the friendship that has grown among us.

This morning we again awoke to a beautiful clear sky.  We had an opportunity to do last minute shopping in Namche before heading out after lunch toward Lukla.  Once again we gave the kitchen crew a break and agreed to meet at the bakery in Namche for lunch.  Cheese pizza was one of the favourites.  It remains our choice for the best pizza in the Khumbu valley.

Since Namche is the center of commerce for this region, when we hit the Interstate after lunch, it was quite crowded on the trail.  The infamous Namche hill was much easier going down than it was going up two weeks ago.  It was also fun to see in the faces of the folks climbing the hill what we must have looked like when we were going up.

On the way down, Mike mentioned to Ang Temba that we had not seen any musk deer on the trail and we needed to see some while we are heading back to Lukla.  Temba immediately pointed up on the hill and said: There you go!  Sure enough, there were six animals grazing not fifty feet above us.  Unfortunately, they were just mountain goats and not musk deer.  But Temba took credit for producing wildlife on a moments notice.

As we moved down the trail, the afternoon clouds began to move in.  Unfortunately, this time the clouds produced rain, but not until we were safely tucked into the lodge for the evening.  Temba assures me that the rain has stopped and it will be clear in the morning.  So we head off to bed quite hopeful that our last day of trekking will be in bright sunlight.

David left our group this morning and went to Lukla ahead of the rest of us.  His wife, Jennifer, is flying to Lukla tomorrow morning to join us at the farewell dinner.  So we also need the clouds to clear so that Jen will be able to land. 

We are approaching the end of the trek with many memories and friendships that have grown over the past two weeks.  But there does not appear, yet, to be any interest in scheduling a full assault on Mt. Everest any time in the future.

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