November 12, 2007 – Downs and Ups

Team enjoying the views from Tengboche

First an update to yesterday’s dispatch.  While we were on the Temba diversion to see the High Altitude Research Lab, we passed through a big meadow.  Temba shared with us that it is called the Yeti meadow.  His grandfather states that he saw a Yeti up in that meadow one winter long passed.  We, of course, did not see one while we were there.  Maybe it just was not cold enough.

In the wee hours of this morning, this reporter was making a visit to the facilities, which involved going outside.  I was treated to the most spectacular display of stars that I have ever seen.  The sky was so full of stars that I could see my way without a flash light.  It was truly a treat, but I resisted the urge to wake up everyone so they could see the view.

This morning we arose to another unbelievable Khumbu morning.  The sky was clear and we had a great view of the mountains.  We have really been blessed with good weather on this trip.  After breakfast we rejoined the Khumbu interstate and headed south toward Namche.  Unlike the past two days of almost straight down hill, today had some major ups as well as downs; giving us the opportunity to sharpen our uphill skills. 

Once again we stopped at the Tengboche Monastery.  Today, the sky was clear and we could look north and see Mt Everest.  Then when we looked the other way, it was a clear view all the way to Namche and beyond.  It is easy to understand why the Monastery is located where it is.  It really is the central location in the entire Khumbu valley. 

Other than the awe and wonder that we experienced looking at the scenery, the trip down was pretty much uneventful.  Since we were below the tree line, we did see some wild mountain goats moving across the hillside at a high rate of speed.  Because it was such a nice day, we were able to have lunch outside the restaurant.  It was a very nice experience.

An interesting part of the Sherpa culture is laundry day.  Laundry day is any day that the sun is shining.  Everyone, men and women, wash their clothes and put them out on the rocks to dry.  Quite a change from what we can do back home.

Tomorrow we will spend the morning in Namche and then head on down the trail heading toward Lukla.  We will spend the night just outside the national forest in the small town of Monjo.

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