The highest peak in the world outside Central Asia, Aconcagua has become an increasingly popular goal for Seven Summits climbers who are seeking to expand their experience at altitude. This mountain can be a rigorous and rewarding introduction to the demands of expedition climbing to nearly 7000 meters. On Aconcagua, the task of load carrying to stock high camps, and the challenging weather with its high winds, as well as the fortitude required to stay with one climbing objective for three weeks, have shown many people what expedition climbing is all about.

Before taking on Aconcagua, our first objective will be the remote and beautiful Ojos del Salado, the second highest peak in the Americas. This seldom-visited mountain offers a wonderful area in which to acclimatize. The climb itself is a worthwhile, unique objective for any mountaineer.

Join Wally Berg and the BAI Aconcagua team as they go for the summit of the two highest peaks in the Americas.

Expedition Dispatches:

Ojos del Salado:

Dec. 17 – Getting started in Santiago
Dec. 18 "The driest place on Earth"
Dec. 19 - Laguna Verde
Dec. 20 - Feeling the Altitude
Dec. 21 - Rambo to the Rescue: Hot springs and high peaks
Dec. 22 - Sucking up the thin air above Laguna Verde
Dec. 23 - Strong Winds and Christmas Cheer
Dec. 25 - Joy to the world from BAI Ojos Team
Dec. 26 - Ojos summit dreams come true


Dec 30 - Mendoza, Argentina - December 30
Dec 30 - First dispatch from Leila - Looking strong on Aconcagua
Dec. 31 - Counting down to 2003
Jan. 1, 2003 - Let’s hope the weather holds
Jan. 2 -
Ojos climb paying off
Jan. 3 - Resting up for the summit bid
Jan 4 - BAI Team Summits Aconcagua!
Morning of Jan 5th - BAI assists with Aconcagua Rescue
Jan 6 - Heading Home
Additional photos from the BAI Aconcagua 2002 expedition
Still more photos from Aconcagua

22,841 feet
6962 meters

22,637 feet
6900 meters