December 23 PM Update – Ilyushin is on the way to Antarctica!

This is Wally Berg with a quick update from the Berg Adventures office.  At 6:55 PM local time, the Ilyushin off deck in Punta Arenas to go to Antarctica to get the BAI team and the other 31 Polar Adventurers who are waiting to be flown from Patriot Hills tonight.

The Ilyushin jet stands ready on the runway at Punta ArenasAt this moment, about 8:00 PM, the plane has landed in Ushuaia , Argentina to refuel.  The captain and crew will get one more report on the winds down at Patriot and then be off.  There have been a few periods of gusty winds in the past few hours at Patriot, but we are confident that the flight will get down on the ice tonight and be back in Chile tomorrow morning.  Our heroes, Dave Hahn, Bud Allen and Peter Amantia should be in Punta Arenas Christmas Eve morning, and with some luck and cooperation from the airlines in Santiago , in North America Christmas morning.  Congratulations guys, and have great flights home!