December 18 – Team is at High Camp

Transcript of Dave Hahn sat phone dispatch:

Hello from High Camp on the Vinson Massif. We had a great day of climbing today.  We left at 1:30 PM and reached High Camp here at 12,500 feet at 6:30 PM.  The conditions on the route today were very good.  On the headwall, the steep section of the route we had good snow, not hard ice.  Dave, Bud and Peter, the whole are doing well; we are a good team. 

Right now it is 10:48 PM and we are still in the sun. We have the stoves going and we are melting snow for drinking water.  It is colder up here.  I am wearing my down suit now, but our weather is definitely improving.  It was clear all day today after a few days of cloud caps on the high peaks and snow we are enjoying the clear weather and I am encouraged by it – if all continues to go this well we will attempt the summit tomorrow.

For now, best wishes from all of us in the Ellsworth Mountains in Antarctica. We are doing great.