December 16 – Vinson Dispatch

Hi, this is Dave Hahn for Berg Adventures International Vinson 2004.  We had great day to day.  We moved out of Vinson Base at 11:45 AM and at 6:00 PM we arrived at what I call Immediate Camp, or Camp I.  The weather was clear when we started out, but as the day went on the cloud cap over the top of Vinson formed again, then it got hazy and it began to snow lightly.  There was no wind however.                

The temperatures are quite mild.  In fact, Bud Peter and I are sitting around outside the tents right now.  We have a beautiful view of Mt Shinn, the third highest mountain in Antarctica , as well as Mt Epperly. Throughout the day today we were traversing underneath the West Wall of Vinson and that was beautiful as well.

Tomorrow we may do a carry to high camp, or we may take a rest day.  Right now we feel like all our options our open. 

Good night from Vinson.