August 29 – High above the Serengeti

Kellie phoning in from SerengetiHello, this is Kellie on August 29. I’m reporting from the Serengeti.

Arriving in Arusha at our hotel, warm showers were a very welcome sight for the group. After our long descent off of Kilimanjaro, which took two days and 14,000 feet, new muscles presented themselves. Some group members found the simple task of walking down the hotel stairs was quite painful. The hotel elevator is much appreciated.

The group woke early this morning for a lovely morning balloon ride over the Serengeti. A champagne bush-breakfast awaited them upon their landing. Next we’ll head off to the hippo pond and try to find some big cats.

Serengeti balloon safariOur safari adventure has begun and we’re particularly excited about it knowing that we all had such an awesome experience on Kilimanjaro, everyone reaching the summit was wonderful. We’ll update you a bit later.

Our balloon pilot

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