August 24 – Howling winds

Hi, this is Kellie calling. We’ve just established our Camp 6, the Arrow Glacier camp. It’s been an interesting last 24 hours. We’ve had quite a bit of wind. It hasn’t been making it very comfortable. We lost our Green Machine in the wind last night. We’ve got it set back up now.

We climbed up the Lava Tower today. That was quite exciting, everybody really enjoyed that. It was a day climb. Stacey, Keith, Liz, Sam and Hal joined me for that. It was a really nice scramble, a 4th Class scramble. We had to do some spotting in some places. It was exciting.

We are now at the Arrow Glacier camp and the wind is really howling. We’re just trying to stay in our little spots here in our tents. Everybody is packed up for tomorrow, ready to go up into the crater rim where we will spend the night tomorrow. I’ll update you from there.