August 19 – Roger on wake-up duty in the Lemosho forest

Hello, this is Kellie reporting from Camp I in the Lemosho Glades.BAI guides

The forest here is absolutely beautiful. It’s actually quite dry – we didn’t have to walk through any mud! That’s a nice change from the last group.

Roger woke everybody this morning (muffled connection). He’s been getting into the habit of doing that. He’s wondering if he should put in an application to serve the morning tea instead of having the Chagga guides do that.

I’m going to call back in the morning when I can get a better location. We’re down in the trees here, so I’ll report back in the morning.

Later on August 19 – African apple pie

Hello, this is Kellie calling. I’m sending in the rest of the dispatch from August 19. I think I ended up leaving off that we were getting on the trail.

As we were walking, the subject of apple pie and ice cream came up. There was an immediate inquiry from Roger about where this subject had come from. Roger found out that last night, when he went to the airport to pick up his luggage, we had apple pie and ice cream for dinner and he had missed out on it. This continues to be sore subject with him and we’ll see if we can eventually get him some apple pie and ice cream.

Speaking of the airport, Sam and Hal, as you know, arrived without their bags. We’re all very confident that their bags will be catching up with us here on the trail very soon and we’re not worried about it.

The big medical event of the day, besides a few hot spots that people had on their feet, was that Keith got into some stinging plants. The Chagga guides quickly came to his rescue with some herbal medicine from other plants which they quickly rubbed in and the pain went away.