December 25, 2007 – First Days and an Earthquake

Our first group photo

Jambo, this is Gillian and Michael. We are on our way to our fourth camp at the Lava Tower. The first day through the rain forest it didn’t rain, but it was very muddy and slippery. We ascended about 2000 feet to the Shira 1Camp.

Saw some Colobus monkeys (black and white) and we were greeted at the camp by a small earthquake caused by volcanic activity in eastern Africa, but everything is fine.

Our second night at Shira 1 was a beautiful night because it was a sunny day on the way there. We had a full moon and saw the summit for the first time.

From there; the next day we went to the Scott Fisher camp for lunch, after which it hailed a little bit and on our way to the Moir Hut. We have some clouds right now, but it’s a beautiful day. We are doing well, having a great time and we will talk to you all again soon. Thank you.

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