December 19 – Successful Team on the Way Home!

Nicholaus called the BAI office at 10:30am Alberta time to tell us that he was at Kilimanjaro International Airport watching Keith and Mike collect their boarding passes for the KLM flight back to Amsterdam and on home to the US.  Nicholaus said that both guys are extremely pleased about their success on the mountain this year.  “They are more than happy!” was his way of describing the feeling. They certainly have a lot to be proud of and they will be remembered and missed by all the Berg Adventures team in Tanzania.

In Keith’s case the wait for a reunion my not be that long.  Nicholaus says that Keith is already talking about returning to Africa with his son to complete the final 1 ½ hour traverse on the crater rim from Gilman Point to out to Uhuru, the very highest point on the continent of Africa. 

It is hard to believe that it was only yesterday morning that Mike and Keith stood on top of Kilimanjaro in the cold clear air of a high altitude dawn over Africa.  We know those memories will be powerful as they enjoy a well-deserved rest on the flights home to a Christmas with their families.

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