January 2 – The Coz Family’s Exciting Northern Circuit Safari

Listen to Audio of Val's Call (.mp3)

Hi, this is Val Coz calling from the Arusha hotel where we returned from our safari which it has been fantastic; we did the entire Northern Circuit in Tanzania . Our driver David was unbelievable, he knew where everybody was, all the animals, we saw all the big 5 plus many, many more.

The most exciting moments were the time we were in the herd of elephants: they got a little anxious because they had many babies and the bull almost charged the car, but David safely got us out of that one. We also saw several prides of lions and their babies and we watched a leopard hunt and later drag the kill up a tree.

The Sopa Lodges; the service was magnificent, we all enjoyed it tremendously. Emma, my 9 year old, and Katie, my daughter who is 16, my son Joey all had a fabulous time. Steve and Joey after they joined us on the safari were very happy; they also had a marvellous time and I think that’s all for now. We are at the Arusha Hotel and we are going to go shopping tomorrow and home. We are going to go back to Miami tomorrow and thank you very much. “Karibu Sana”