December 29 – Coz Team reaches the Top!

Late on December 29th we got a short dispatch from Steve Coz who was at the Millennium Camp at the top of the forest on Kilimanjaro.  Steve and Joey were clearly tired but proud of their accomplishments climbing to the “rooftop of Africa ”

Here is Steve’s dispatch to the BAI office:

“This is a quick dispatch from Steve and Joey Coz.  Joey and Steve both summitted. Exhausted. Details to come in the next dispatch. Love to all, Steve and Joey.”

Dec 30th – Rest in Arusha before joining the rest of the family on safari.

Steve and Joey are both taking a well deserved rest at the hotel in Arusha.  In is the middle of the night in East Africa and they are no doubt in the middle of deep and satisfied sleep.  We just spoke to Nicholaus who said that their drive back to town from the Mweka park gate went slowly due to a traffic jam near Kilimanjaro International Airport .  When important government officials arrive for business at the Arusha Conference Center traffic can be halted for some time.  But for now Joeman and Steve are safe and secure between bed sheets instead of in sleeping bags.  We congratulate them on a superb effort.  Climbing Kilimanjaro demands perseverance, endurance and a strong will.  They did great.

Tomorrow at 9:00 AM Steve and Joey will be off in a BAI safari vehicle to join Val, Emma and Katie at Ngorongoro Crater. The Coz family Tanzanian Adventure continues.

Bill and Tierney are flying from Serengeti back to Nairobi today.  Thanks to Bill for the excellent photos and to Bill and Tierney both for great dispatches of their adventures.