January 2 – Dispatch from Sharon West

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“Watching the documentaries on TV does not do justice to the ‘real thing’ ”

Bryant and I have just completed our safari.  We just had a fabulous time, we have seen so many animals; it is unbelievable. It all started with our first day at Tarangire where we saw a herd of elephants right at the gate and then it just got better and better from there; is just outstanding.

Since then we have seen more and more herds of elephants; we have seen giraffes leaning down trying to drink water with their legs all crooked. We have seen zebras, gazelles, rhinos, hippos, wildebeest, baboons, monkeys, more tiny, tiny little babies.  We have also seen all the big cats. We have seen the lions.  I think the most special thing we saw was a pride of 6 lions: 1 male, 3 females and 2 little babies all with a recent kill of a wildebeest.  They were all having dinner.  They were only five feet from the road.  We could sit beside them in our Land Rover and watch them chow down. (laughter)  We also have seen leopards and cheetahs. So obviously all the “big five," (the big five are lion, cape buffalo, elephant, leopard and rhino). Plus we saw quite a lot more.

The scenery has been outstanding.  Being in the Serengeti was also outstanding.  The beauty – when we watch the documentaries on TV it just doesn’t do justice to being here in person and seeing the animals and how they all live here in piece and harmony with each other. It is just amazing.

The lodging has been outstanding – right down to our final night where we were in a tented lodge in Serengeti – the Migration Camp which was just unbelievable:  sleeping with lions roaming just a short distance away.  We could hear them calling and talking to one another and yet we felt very safe at all times. The watchmen were around at all times.  They were walking us to and from our luxury camp.  The whole safari system has been outstanding.  Our guide and driver John has been wonderful;  he has waited on us the whole time.  We have been very, very pleased.   We found the animals time and time again. I can say nothing but good things about what a great time we’ve had on our safari. We look forward to more adventures! Take care and bye for now.      

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