October 7 – Silliness at 13,000 ft.

BAI camp beneath Kibo summit.Good morning. It is Thursday, October 7th, and we are enjoying breakfast at our Karanga Camp at nearly 13,000 ft (3960m).  We had light rain this morning while we were in our tents but when we stepped out it was clear and we could see Kibo peak.  It snowed higher on the mountain.  You know it’s like an unveiling every morning because we get a glorious view our goal and then the clouds come in and the curtain closes.          

Today we are headed to our high camp at 15,700ft (4785m) and tonight we will attempt the summit at 19,300 ft (5882m).   We should arrive at the summit with sunrise.  We have been warm at night as our gear works well.  Brittany seems to eat and sleep a lot, but I’m a more restless sleeper.  Brittany ’s hair sticks straight up now so it makes us laugh a lot.  We were silly this morning in our tent because I was feeling a little groggy because of the altitude but it feels good to laugh and Brittany and I make a really great team. 

Every time we arrive into camp our tents are already set up and we are greeted with hot tea and snacks so it doesn’t feel like roughing it out here.  We are starting to feel dirty but everyone is so friendly it is truly a lifetime experience.  We will report in again soon.