October 5 – Feeling the Altitude

Listen to Audio of Cami & Brittany's Call (.wav) [ no audio available today]

BAI camp on KiliHi this is Cami Mattson I’m calling from our 3rd day of climbing Kilimanjaro; it is October 5th in the late afternoon.  We left Shira Camp this morning around 9:30am and we have been hiking into higher altitude to about 14,000 ft (4266m).  Brittany and I have definitely been feeling the altitude.  It’s a new experience and we are going very, very slow but we are in good hands. 

There’s lots of volcanic rock, we moved into the high desert from the moorlands and so there is very few plants but many rocks of lava all around.  We took a break near the Lava Tower which is up at 15,000 ft (4570m), we couldn’t go up there today cause of how we were feeling but we are looking forward to tomorrow it should be a good day.  We are sleeping close to the same elevation that we slept last night.  We are having a great time and we look forward to taking to you soon.

Nicholas, Cami and Brittany's BAI guide on KilimanjaroHere’s Brittany ….

Hey, Brittany here just following up Cami’s little report.  I’m going to tell you a little bit about what we’ve been seeing, like she said there is a lot of volcanic rock all around us.  Very little vegetation, but there are small plants, and a lot of moss and lichen.  We are almost about to reach our camp for the night, we are really excited and extremely tired.  We feel that we are acclimatizing well and everyone is taking great care of us.  We are looking forward to giving you our next message