September 27, 2007 – Last Night Camping on Kilimanjaro

Tables set up right at Stella Point with plenty of food including fresh sliced watermelon, a remarkable morning at 19,000 feet

I’m calling you today on the 27th from an elevation of just over 3000m at the top of the forest on Kilimanjaro. Now 3000m above sea level for virtually anyone is high altitude but for this IP trek group, they woke this morning at almost 5800m on top of Kilimanjaro in the crater, so believe me, this is low elevation with thick air. We can’t believe how far we’ve come today. We woke this morning in the crater, of course first thought was everyone was very proud to have the entire group reach the top of Kilimanjaro the day before.

Yoga-lovin’ Australian Annette can add Kilimanjaro to her trekking experiences, she has climbed Everest Base Camp, Patagonia and many of the Canadian RockiesIt is cold, it was not a night of deep sleep for anyone, it’s very strenuous and taxing on the body to be at that altitude

All the same, Vaughan and the Berg Adventures guide Exaud decided they had the energy to take off across the crater and look down into the ash pit. The rest of us packed our bags, headed across Stella Point and began our long descent down to the forest. We stopped for lunch about 4000m and already the appetites were coming back, there was dust on our faces but the thick air was doing wonders. Vaughan was great after his climb across to the ash pit and Paul especially looked really happy because I saw him up this morning photographing again and last evening after his climb to the summit at Kili, he had his tripod out and he did get to photograph that beautiful full moon that was rising above the crater.

This group has seen marvellous sights and probably most importantly, we’ve had an amazing time, amazing experiences with the Berg Adventures staff. It’s not yet over, they’re walking into this camp now with the joyous voices singing to greet them, dancing at low altitude. A couple of people have already looked into their tents and seen the surprise that our Berg Adventures staff has sent up – large blow up thick air mattresses from Arusha. For our last night camping on Kilimanjaro we’re definitely going to be in luxury. We report to you as we head off the mountain, our adventures are not over, our hearts are full of Africa and each day is just getting better. 

Catherine lives in London and enjoys staying in shape- she had a great workout climbing Kilimanjaro!Mike from Florida enjoys walking on the Appalachian trail.

Paul Previde from San Francisco is accustomed to local high altitude hikes, having summitted Mt. Whitney(15,000 feet)

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