August 17, 2006 – First Days of Safari

Hello, this is Twyla calling on behalf of Andrew and myself.  We are just leaving Tarangire National Park where we had a great day and a half on the first part of this safari.  We saw tons of zebras, elephants, wildebeests, warthogs, dik dik, impala, ostrich, tons of stuff.  We are on the lookout this morning for a lion because we saw the tracks leading right up to the Sopa Lodge where we stayed.  But we didn’t see a lion, nor a cheetah or leopard so we’ll have to keep our eyes open for that.  We are having a great time, everyone is doing well.  We have Kilimanjaro legs still which are hard to walk on but we are doing well and David is our guide and doing a great job.  So we will check in a bit later.

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