September 6 – Summing Up Our Last Days on Safari

This is Cindy Cooper calling with our final update for our Safari adventure.

We were in Ngorongoro Crater on September 4th and our driver, Richard came upon a pride of lions that had just killed a zebra.  There were four females and two young males.  We rolled up not less than 20 feet from the event and watched in fascination.  Two of the female lions turned toward us in their search for shade after their feast.  They each padded towards us looking quite ferocious and once they reached the front of the jeep, they followed the contour of our jeep and beyond.  If I dropped my camera, it would have hit them on their backs.

Our search for the Rhino was in vain.  We left the Sopa lodge with two Rhino pictures though – both on the back of a 50 shilling piece!  It was fun looking.

The Sopa was great.  I discovered the reason for the security in the hotels is to protect the guests from the night life.  We had a resident cape buffalo sleeping just below the rock wall near our room.  All so different from home.

We drove to Tarangire Park on September 5th.  Many elephants – it states as many as 4,000 live in the park.  We saw many of these.  We took some great pictures of the river with the elephants and zebras grazing and watering.  All very nice.

On September 6th we went back through Tarangire Park and to Arusha – our last day of Safari.  We drove by a family of elephants.  Richard left the jeep running while we took pictures of a mother and baby just off the road.  He says we needed the jeep running in case we needed to make a quick getaway.  I agreed.  Gordon took a picture of me standing at the base of a Baobab tree. He said I looked like a little spot.  I couldn't reach across with my arms stretched to cover more than a very small part of the base of this magnificent tree.  Oh so impressive.

I would like to thank all the Berg Adventures gang for making our trip so memorable.  Without our guides, Safi and Roderick, I don't know how I would have reached Uhuru Peak having fun all the way.  Life is good. Asante san.

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